Foreign Fields

The majority of people easily recognize popular sports and the fields that belong to them. They often are a busy place where a lot of people come together and watch their teams practice or having a match. But there are certain sports that are unfamiliar for a lot of people. They either never heard of the sport or don’t see the fields because they are hidden within a forest or are just temporary.

Foreign Fields is about those fields and is a shows people that there are a lot more then just those popular sports. It’s a tribute to the “forgotten” fields that offer, in my opinion, the same amount of entertaining if not more. Even if the popularity is lower.

There is a sense of alienation when you look at the photos. At first you don’t really see what it is you see or the place is so unfamiliar that you can’t recognize it. It pulls you deeper into the photo; trying to find things you are familiar with, try to unravel the mystery of the place.