Artist Statement

Photography for me is a medium to get away from the chaotic feel of todays society. I also get detached from a sense of reality. I can lose myself in a landscape. During shooting, I need to think of nothing else than taking the picture. It gives me a feeling of calmness so I can absorb the details of a landscape better and see things that others might not see.

Photography is almost synonymous to discovering for me. I often feel as an explorer while shooting. I want to explore new environments and therefor I photograph them. To be able to share them. While shooting my attention often gets drawn towards remarkable things in the landscape that one might not see as they go through quickly. Though, these are components that make the landscape as it is.

I try to capture these landscape in their finest moment, often at sunset or sunrise, when the light is at it’s warmest. The lines and different planes in the landscape make me enjoy it. This is the biggest reason why I am so attracted by a river. River landscapes are impressive, they squirm a path through the landscape formed by them.

All this together makes me a photographer who likes, as earlier explorers also did, exploring new areas for other people and myself. Also let known areas be interesting again. I give the opportunity to give people the time to witness and “explore” know and unknown areas of our planet.


2013  Uitzicht, Utrecht School of the Arts Photography Graduation Catalogue
2013  Eindwerk, Utrecht School of the Arts Photography Graduation Catalogue
2013  Interview, ILOVETHATPHOTO
2014 Feature, The Lost Prairie
2015 Feature, La Piña


2016  Vrij Nederland Photostory of 2016 


2013 Graduation Exhibition Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht
2014 Pitch Your Art Exhibition, The Mixtup Project, Amsterdam
2015 Het Virtueel Museum Anniversary exhibition, Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam 

2015 Foreign Fields, Café Van Velzen, Utrecht