Artist Statement

Every time I step into a new landscape, I feel as I imagine early explorers felt as they first arrived in unknown lands: feasting their eyes on the new world and looking at how civilizations have adapted to the environment around them. From the bustling streets of New York to the Swiss Alps and Dutch flatlands, every place is a wonderous world with its own story to tell.

My work focuses on the intersection of the natural and built environment, intertwining and layering naturally present and manmade subjects. I look for the marks left by humanity on our world, I seek out sites and regions that show how we “conquered” territories.

I am often drawn to the ordinary and even mundane: the grey matter between the visual planes. To compensate, I choose scale and technique that highlight the glory and romance of a landscape. I try to take a neutral perspective in my images, creating geospatial visualizations without deciding what is allowed or supposed to be beautiful and what is not. I leave that decision up to the viewer.


2008 - 2009 Nederlandse Fotovakschool, Apeldoorn

2009 - 2013 Bachelor of Design in Photography, Utrecht School of Arts

2012 Internship Scott Conarroe, China 


2013  Uitzicht, Utrecht School of the Arts Photography Graduation Catalogue 

2013  Eindwerk, Utrecht School of the Arts Photography Graduation Catalogue 

2013  Interview, ILOVETHATPHOTO 

2014 Feature, The Lost Prairie 

2015 Feature, La Piña



2013 Graduation Exhibition Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht 

2014 Pitch Your Art Exhibition, The Mixtup Project, Amsterdam 

2015 Het Virtueel Museum Anniversary exhibition, Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam 


2015 Foreign Fields, Café Van Velzen, Utrecht


2016  Vrij Nederland Photostory of 2016